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Do you hire out costumes or mascots?

All of our costumes are custom-made for customers. We do not offer a costume or fancy dress hire service.

We do have a limited selection of mascots which are available for corporate events and advertising purposes.

Please contact us through our email form, or ring 09 443-2815 for more details.

No doubt the first question you will be asking is “how much is a mascot going to cost?”

All our characters are custom-made, but to give you an idea, many of the mascots on our website are around the $5-8K mark.

The most helpful thing you can do is give us your budget for the project. Then we are able to begin designing your character...

How long will it take for my mascot to be made?

Lead times are typically 6 to 8 weeks.

Do I need to have a design or can you design us a character from scratch?

Obviously, if you can provide us with a desired design and costume colours, it is going to make production of your costume or mascot easier and cheaper.

If you don't have a design, we can do this for you. There will be, however, an additional cost as we are in fact, creating a significant addition to your organisation's image and branding.

Can I have printing or our logo on the character?

Yes, we can print virtually any logo or design onto a mascot or costume. We are also very clever at producing costumes in your own PMS colours.

Do you want your mascot to have a variety of clothing?

This is a great way to look like you have more than one mascot. By changing clothes, your character can look quite different. Perhaps a Santa costume for Christmas or an Easter theme?

Check out the pictures of The Costume Studio Wolf in his Santa outfit.

Who can wear our mascot?

Unless you specify otherwise, we design for a 1.75m (5'10") male of average build.

Our built-in features allow the costume to fit multiple wearers within a size range, with adjustments for height, arm length, head, and foot size.

Will my mascot be able to move around?

We make our mascots as comfortable and manageable as possible. We have made kiwis that can ski and keas that snowboard!!

Just tell us in the beginning of the design process the types of activities that you want your mascot to do.

How do we keep cool in the mascot?

How hot your mascot will be depends on your design and the fabrics used, as well as the environment it will be working in. We do use materials that reduce heat build-up wherever possible.

Additional cooling systems such as head fans and cool-vests can be provided and are highly recommended especially if your mascot is to be used in summer or for periods exceeding 20 minutes.

How do I care for my mascot?

With each mascot, we provide a comprehensive user manual which has all of the details on dressing, cleaning and maintaining your costume.

It also has handy tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when you are in costume and how to get the most out of your mascot to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

How do I store my mascot?

Our mascots are supplied in large water resistant bags to help protect them during storage and when being transported.

Your costume should not be stored in the bag when it is damp or immediately after use. It should be thoroughly aired and dried before being stored.

How will I transport my mascot?

Our mascots are supplied in large water resistant bags. The bags have handles and a clear window on the outer edge so it can be labelled for transporting.

We can also supply large plastic storage bins if your mascot is to be couriered regularly. This will help prevent damage.

Solid roadcases on wheels are recommended if your character is going to be transported around the country on a regular basis.

Some kind of protective case is recommended. We can make a variety of solutions for you to protect your mascot.

Do you offer a refurbishment service?

The best way to ensure you get years of service from your mascot is to make sure it is properly maintained.

Let us give your character a facial, manicure, a good wash and blow dry and your mascot will be as good as new again.

We offer this service to our existing mascots and to older mascots which may have been produced before we came along… just cos we didn’t make them, doesn’t mean we don’t care.

Send us your character today for a pampering and we will see how we can improve the overall look. Whether it be a new set of shoes or a new pair of ears, we can always help. We promise we won't hurt

Do you offer a discount for multiple orders?

We offer a 5% discount when we make two or more identical mascots for the same order.

What should I do next?

Click here to contact us.

Or, simply give us a call. We are available from 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday (NZT). 09 443-2815

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